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In 1941 the chruch was declared independent and in 1967 it was renamed as St.Thomas Orthodox Syrian Chruch and became a cathedral inj 1979. During these years, it was impossible to meet the expenditure of the chruch as the income was only around Rs.285/-,At this juncture a decision to start a school, was initiated by the then Vicar Rev. Fr. George Kuren, Trustee, Late P.M. Ittoop, Secretary Mr.K.N.Oommen and Late David V.George was asked to manage the affairs of the school.As the school began to grow and with the income generated from it ten other chruches were established in various parts of Chennai which were under the Control of ouside Kerala Diocese Bishop His Grace Dr.Stephanos Mar Theodosius.

Establishment of the Madras Diocese

An Independent Madras Diocese was established in 1979.Rev. Fr. C.Zachariah who served as a Priest from 1954-55 was ordained as Bishop in 1978, as His Grace Zacharias Mar Dionysius who took Charge as the first Bishop of our Diocese in 1979 and under his spiritual leadership the diocese expanded from 24 parishes in 1979 to 60 parishes spread over Tamilnadu,Karnataka,Andamans,Malaysia,Singapore and Australia.

Origin of Koyembedu Chapel

The first Holy Qurbana in Annanagar was conducted at the residence of the Bishop on 2nd April 1979,which was attended by 9 members As the members increased the Qurbana was shifted to Ladies Club building on Oct 18th 1980 and the Qurbana was conducted by Rev. Fr. T.M.George,Mr.K.M.Eapen,Mr.A.G.Cherian and Mr.K.M.Eapen,Mr.A.G.Cherian and Mr.Mohan Punnen the official residence of the Bishop was shifted to J:21 and the Qurbana continued to be held at the Bishop's House and as it was becoming difficult to accomodate the increasing number of members, another alternative arrangement was sought.It was at this time due to the the sincere efforts taken by the following members Mr.M.M.Mathai, Mr.A.G.Cherian,Mr.K.M.Eapen,Mr.John.K.Chakco,Mr.K.M.Thomas [West] and Mr.P.A.Mathew, a solution was worked out and the Premises was shifted to Bains School Annanagar. Thus from 1983-1991 Qurbana continued uninterrupted though there were many hardship and difficulties that we had to go through It was these difficulties that made the Annanagar members at one of the subsequent General body meetings held in 1984 a seven member team was appointed for the above said task.

The committee purchased 72 grounds of land at the cost of Rs.31,42,867 at Koyembedu. The Registration began on 4-12-1984 and as there were no assets for the Cathedral to avail a bank loan the General Body authorized the then trustees Mr.K.N.Oommen and Mr.P.V.Thomas to take a personal loan and thus the registration was completed in 1985.As per the agreement signed by the Asst vicar Rev. Fr. Varghese John and Trustee Mr.A.G.Cherian this land was to be utilized for the Koyembedu Chapel.

Thus was born the Koyembedu chapel situated at the side of the Chennai - Bangalore - Kolkotta Highway via Asian games Village,Koyembedu Interstate bus terminal and the Koyembedu Market.

Construction of the Chapel

The Chapel designed by Mr.Varghese Oommen,one of the well known architects in Chennai, was completed under the supervision of Mr.K.M.Eapen the then secratary of St.Thomas Higher Secondary School-Broadway.

With the construction completed the service was shifted from Bains School to the Koyembedu chapel on 22nd Dec 1991 on 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month and later 5th Sunday was also added and this order continued till 1997.

The first Holy Week service was conducted in 1992.It was during this year at the year at the recommendations of Rev. Fr. Joseph Thaliaparambil an order to conduct service on all Sundays was passed.

A parsonage was constructed in 1996 and Rev. Fr.Mani Varghese was its first occupant.

July 7th 1997 was a black day for the Madras Diocese, as our then Bishop His Grace Zachariah Mar Dionysius as the Bishop of Madras Diocese on 22nd July 1997.

A bell tower was constructed in 1997.The dedication ceremony [Koodasa] of the Chapel was conducted on 18th Dec 2003 under the auspices of His Holiness Moran Mar Baselios Mathew II-Catholicos of the East, and this was made possible only by the efforts taken by the then Vicar Rev. Fr.Mani varghese. The dedication ceremony of the college was also conducted on the same day as that of the Dedication of Koyembedu chapel as St.Peters and St.Pauls Orthodox Chruch.

Rev.Fr.Gigi Mathew joined as Asst Vicar on 20th Sept 2004 at the St.Thomas Orthodox Cathedral Broadway and resided at Koyembedu chapel which was placed under his care.The energetic and charismatic leadership of Achen, his divine service, his fiery speeches attracted the congregation towards him.The congregation who gained faith in his leadership now approached the Bishop, with this request and the independence of the chruch was granted on 1st September 2006- the first day of our St.Mary's feast and the chruch was consecrated in the name of St.Peter and st.Paul with Rev. Fr. Gigi Mathew as its first Vicar

Under the able leadership of Rev.Fr. Gigi Mathew the church flourished in leaps and bounds. A beautiful Cross Tower, a flag post and a traditional Kerala style entrance gate (Padippura) were constructed at the eastern side of the church in 2009.H.G.Dr. Yakob Mar Irenaios, Metropolitan MadrasDiocese consecrated the Cross Tower and Flag Post on 2009

Upon transfer of the first Vicar Rev. Fr. Gigi Mathew, Rev. Fr. C.A. Isaac took charge as Vicar of the church in the year 2010 who lead the church till 2013 May. Achan was a visionary who spend all his time and energy to kindle the spiritual life of the parishioners. He paid special attention to ignite the hidden talents in the children by introducing various projects and programmesfor the Sunday school children.

Rev. Fr. Aji K. Varughese serves as vicar of the church from 2013 onwards, striving to take the church to new heights in the spiritual realm.